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Dad should be a part of the solution

In my previous blog Missing Fathers, I broached a subject that I believe needs more attention on a deeper scale.  The topic of Missing Fathers is poignant with a myriad of angles, that I’m revisiting the discussion in an attempt to do it more justice.  I’d also like to note that my intent is to always approach such subject matter from a solution-oriented mindset.
As I watch the news, research related statistics and observe Jacksonville’s culture, I realize missing fathers is a huge problem, and the effects of their absence manifests in the children and communities  I have noticed many community-based initiatives now exist  with one goal: to “save” the children. One glaring flaw, in my opinion, is the fact that most of the efforts fail to appropriately re-insert the father into the family or the life of his children.  Leading me to question whether that these efforts seek to replace fathers or capitalize off of their absences rather than create bridges to re-establish the role as father…

Missing Father's

During the past two decades, maybe even more, there has been a seeming mass exodus of fathers from both the home and the basic involvement in their children’s lives.  I think there is a variety of reasons that play a role in this epidemic, starting with systematic separation, which involves child support, visitation, etc.  Other factors include the mass incarceration of young minorities, a lack of appropriate male role models and even plain-old walking away from family responsibilities.

Whatever the reason, the subsequent effects on child development can be excruciatingly painful. The ripple effects are long-term and costly to both local communities and our nation on the whole.  Missing fathers create voids in their children’s psyche, which may seem insignificant for several years. Single mothers may not even recognize the debilitating effects of fatherless homes as they spend their days tirelessly working to to maintain their homes their children lack knowledge of the other half of th…

New Year, New Direction 2017

I’ve used my blog to connect with readers since 2011, and this intimate communication method has served meaningful purposes for me. I have found blogging to be a genuine form of self expression that allows me to write in a public forum as I write longer pieces that will be included in my upcoming books.

During the past 5 years, I’ve learned so much about communication, blogging, marketing, priorities but most importantly I’ve learned so much about myself.   I’ve learned about direction, focus, planning, and implementation.  As a result over the next year the content of my blog will shift slightly.

Observing our current culture and society brings to light so many pertinent issues that so many groups and individuals struggle with every day. After learning more about my craft through renewed dedication, I’ve decided to primarily focus on my journey to fatherhood from the perspective on a particular topic that I carry with me every moment of my life. “Single father” is my most esteemed titl…