A Man's Responsibility

One of the best conversations I've had this year revolved around male responsibility.  What is a responsibility?  What is the male responsible for?  What is the guiding for in determining any of the above?  Those are some tough questions.  You would probably get a different answer from each person you ask.  I submit that is what makes the answer even more important.

Self Awareness stood out most to me.  I've often grappled with the questions, "Who am I?" or "Why am I here?".  In my journey from boy to man, those have been my guiding force questions.  It was a point in my life where I couldn't answer the questions and as a result, I was subject to whatever anyone in my ear said about me.  After years of this, I realized I was heading in the wrong direction.  My inner compass told me something was wrong and I was heading in the wrong direction.  I had to be built up from the ground floor based on who I am and finding out why I am here (purpose).  When a male can answer this question or is on a quest seeking the answer he is en-route to becoming the best version of himself.

As the conversation progressed we discussed rights of passage in its most simple form.  What event in your family signifies when the boy transitions into the man?  If it;s missing there is a need to create one.  It creates an expectation.  For example, I was told that the men in my family take care of their children.  Now I'm a father not only do I understand the importance of me carrying on the tradition, it's equally as import the same culture is instilled in those coming behind me.  Also, it's important to teach young men about future planning and instruct them on how to construct goals and develop the necessary discipline to achieve said goals.  As men, we also have a social and moral responsibility to our family and community at-large.  In this day and age, I hear many conversations about youth and how some have a lack of direction and investment into their lives.  We socially and morally obligated to do more that report on the "problem" we must engage the next generation if only one at a time to offer attention, love, and guidance.  Otherwise, we run the risk of multiplying generations lacking guidance (the youth of today will at some point reach adulthood and reproduce).

In conclusion, be mindful, although the definition of male responsibility may change based on the individual and their life experience the basic tenets are one and the same.  Self-awareness, passing the torch, and social/moral responsibility are key.  I encourage you all to begin conversations on male responsibility in a manner that is constructive in a way that builds responsible and productive men.


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