What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

I heard about Shaken Baby Syndrome in a meeting and subsequently had an opportunity to sit in on a training about the syndrome.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to partake in this training as I gained a wealth of knowledge that I can share to enlighten others and hopefully prevent at least one incident of shaken baby syndrome.  The training started off with a video which gave a visual glimpse of what causes the syndrome.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is an aggressive shaking of a child most likely as a result of the child crying for extended periods of time. There are some common threads did stick out. Most perpetrators of the shaking are male (biological father or the current boyfriend of the mother).  Be mindful any person is capable of shaking the baby such as childcare providers, family members, etc.  Why do you say?  The other factors which include stress (family or financial), not being use to the child's crying, less familiar with the child's needs, etc.  Normal activities like bouncing a child on your knee, gentle swinging, or tossing a child in the air doesn't cause shaken baby syndrome.  It's a more concentrated shaking that causes the child's brain to shaken violently in their head.

Unfortunately, there aren't any outward symptoms of shaken baby syndrome, however, there are other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, convolutions, vomiting, etc. In conclusion, there isn't a cure for shaken baby syndrome on treatment.  This syndrome is completely preventable and we must take steps to ensure the number of children and families impacted diminish.


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