Father's Day is Upon Us!

Today is Father's Day and as I reflect on my circle of life ( being a grandson, son, and father) I realize how important it is for us as fathers to be present.  The impact of a Father on a child is immeasurable!  Father's have been tasked with providing and protecting but our role is much more expansive than that.  Our words and leadership either sets our children on a path of freedom or bondage.  Let's think about this.  How valuable is it for a child to look over at dad and hear dad say, "You can do it"?  Now, imagine the reverse.  Imagine the challenging time or even the celebration in which your child looks for you and you aren't there.  Imagine the impression it leaves.

Our children are part us.  They are a reflection of our past self.  How will they know who they are if we don't tell them?  There is a generation of men who have been hurt by their father and/or lack of his presence in their life.  I feel your pain but not having a father present doesn't absolve any of us men from our responsibilities as men and fathers.  It was a point in my life in which I wondered if my father loved me and because of that, I wouldn't let any other man love me.  How could I?  If my father didn't love me how could any other person love me?  When I became a father I began to understand how complex fatherhood could be and with understanding came empathy and ultimately forgiveness.  Nevertheless, with the healing of the wound a scar of remembrance was left behind.

We must take our lessons learned and apply them to the present ensuring the success of future generations.  When I became a father I decided to make it a point that the children under my care know without a doubt I love them and I expect greatness from them.  Even though I'm not perfect I understand how important it is to pour into them.  The expectation is on us (fathers) being present and imparting wisdom on our next generation.  As we celebrate Father's Day let us all recommit to being either the Father we always wanted or continuing the legacy of the Father's before us.  Life isn't easy nor are some of the decisions and sacrifices we will have to make.  Just remember they are watching how we deal with them and they will do the same.  Set the standard for you seed (your child).  Create fertile ground for them to be planted, water them and watch them grow.  Happy Father's Day!


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