The Impact of My Uncle and My Grandfather

2017, has been a challenging year for my family.  I often heard that it's the challenges that make us stronger.  Those words have given me solace during the tougher days.  In July, my paternal grandfather passed away.  Then October 25 my Uncle passed away.  Earlier this year I wrote a blog, My Grandfather's Legacy, which shared a few thoughts on how my grandfather's presence in my life influenced my path.  My Uncle Lester left a great impression on my life as well. 

Several times during this year and the years past I had to rely on my Uncle's wisdom.  Life came at me really fast and there were times I was so caught up in my movements I didn't get a chance to live and enjoy the things that I worked for.  My Uncle told me a couple things that have served me well and I'm sure it will continue to serve me in the future.

1.  Be true to yourself.  Define yourself for yourself and don't let others tell you who you are.
2.  Be a man of your word.
3.  Don't let people stress you out.  Be careful what you take on.  In order to be effective in an endeavor, you have to be able to give 100%.  It's only so many ways you can divide your attention and still be effective.
4.  Live life to the fullest.  Sometimes we get so caught up in chasing the dream that we don't take the time out to celebrate the small successes.  At some point in our journey, we must live the dream.

I truly miss my uncle and my grandfather.  I plan to pass the lessons that I learned from them on to future generations.  Every day I think about the legacy that was passed on to me and how I can add to it before passing it along to the next generation.  I learned a great deal about being a man from these two men.  May I honor their legacy while walking my path.


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